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Made in EU

Laplandar is a Danish company, developed in the world's top bicycle city. We manufacture in the EU, meaning superior quality standards, shorter production  times , faster delivery, and easier customization.


Built on a high quality, welded steel frame and with every part powder coated, Laplandar cargo bikes are built to last through anything. With loops for strapping down cargo, a textured deck to improve grip and a lock to keep the battery safe the bike has been made with attention on the details.


The cargo hold is available in different configurations for various cargo solutions whether a simple flatbed or an enclosed and lockable box. The Laplandar can fit an euro pallet, has a capacity of up to 150kg, and is designed for superior mobility with or without a full load.


With a three wheel base and a front pull engine the Laplandar runs well in cities navigating corners and alleys. With an electric engine and a bike lock the Laplandar enables its users to carry out their work without the limitations of street parking and traffic.