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Husky-E Cargo Bike

The Laplandar Husky-E is the culmination of 15+ years in the cycling industry and 2+ years of work on this specific cargo bike. Envisioned as the optimal tool for any scenario requiring the transportation of heavy or bulky cargo the Husky-E is built with a cargo bay that supports the use of modular cargo boxes constructed using similar materials to flight cases. Additionally the cargo bay is optimized for the use of forklifts and pallets with raised sides preventing movements of the pallet and chutes that fit the prongs of forklifts.

A frame for creativity


The folded steel frame of the bike shapes the adaptable cargo bay which supports the cargo boxes and flatbed plates manufactured for the Husky-E.

Standard Colours: Racing Green or Iron Grey

Custom colourway upon request


The flatbed plates manufactured from aluminum with a textured surface for grip or durable plywood provide a platform for loading.

Types: Aluminium, Laminated Plywood

Cargo Box

The cargo box comes with wheels for easy warehouse management and is
equipped with carrying handles on the side. When loaded onto the bike the box can be locked in for safe transportation.

Sizes: Standard box, Large box

Husky-E at a glance

Laplandar builds heavy duty electric cargo bikes for the B2B market. Our bikes feature a modular cargo area which can be reconfigured to carry out a wide range of business functions including: moving products, tools, waste and other equipment.

Powder-coated steel frame

  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Patented tilting joint for optimal manoeuvrability
  • Mechanical handbrake

Up to 3 battery packs

Enabling the bike to run the entire day without recharging.

Locks & Lights

  • Keys required to turn on the bike to limit theft
  • Continuous display of remaining battery life
  • Headlight for nighttime visibility
  • Driving lights and manual indicator blinkers for safety.

Cargo bay features

  • With forklift accommodating slits for easy loading and offloading
  • Dimensions fitting a standard euro pallet.
  • Predrilled mounting holes for later customization

Scooter Wheels

Tubeless puncture resistant tyres and high grade hydraulic brakes manufactured for scooters.

Sustainably Practical

More than two years in the making the Laplandar Husky-E is the point at which sustainability meets practicality. Don't choose between reducing emissions or increasing productivity, with the Husky-E you can have both.


With patented a tilting function, tubeless scooter tires, modular cargo hold with predrilled mounting holes for customization. The Husky-E can be fitted for any purpose and used in any terrain, be it cobblestone, gravel roads or bendy and hilly city streets.


A powder-coated steel frame built in Europe with automotive industry machinery, coupled with a high quality electric motor and three power sources, means the Husky-E will run all day, everyday, 365 days a year.


Up to 60km range


Load capacity

How to get your bike

Pay reservation fee

After paying the reservation fee the order will be finalised and any specific requests or amendments implemented.

We manufacture

The Husky-E will be built and assembled at our factory in Europe. The usual production time is x bikes a month.

We deliver

The Husky-E is delivered on a pallet and will require some last stage assembly by you. Partially disassembling the bike prior to delivery allows for efficient shipping.


Laplandar is proud of the fact that the Husky-E is one of the only electric cargo bikes available on the European market that complies with the general safety regulation and legislation concerning cargo bikes.


2,69 m


100 cm

Weels & Tires

12''scooter wheels, Tubeless 120/70-12 all-season tyres


Powder coated steel frame built in Europe


Hydraulic disc brakes, mechanical hand brake


20 km per battery (Max 60 km)

Load capacity

250 kg

Laplandar serves as a tool in the transition away from fossil-fuels in the business sector. We are alligned with the thousands of enterprises taking action to reduce air pollution, CO-2 emissions, noise pollution, and traffic in our communities. We believe that sustainable innovation improves efficiency, affordability, and quality of life for the many. By introducing cargo capacity and electricity, Laplandar is able to further enhance the effectiveness of a timeless tool, the bicycle.

Victory awaits those who have everything in order, luck people call it.

Defeat is certain for those who have neglected to take the necessary precautions in time, this is called bad luck.

- Roald Amundsen