Do you need a cargo bike built for work?

At Laplandar we design and construct cargo bikes for one purpose. Hard work.

Relying on parts and machinery from the automotive industry we have created a tool that is as reliable and strong as a 4x4.

Used to make deliveries, empty trash bins, carry tools and garden waste or as the mobile platform for a camera rig. Laplandar bikes are at work across Europe with only the resourcefulness of their owners setting the limit.


The Husky-E electric cargo bike embodies power, practicality, and environmental consciousness.

Its high-performance electric motor ensures smooth acceleration and effortless handling. The large cargo bay and modular cargo boxes accommodate large and bulky items with ease.

By choosing the Husky-E, you're not just optimizing your business operations; you're also
contributing to a greener future through sustainable transportation.

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Learn how Francesco founder of MoveByBike Italy uses his Laplandar bikes in the interview below.


The Expedition goes above and beyond what can be expected of a normal cargo bike.

Equipped with front wheel drive and a powerfull engine the Expedition manouvres easily through city streets and across country roads. Pulling loads up to 150kg it makes life easy for those who often find themselves with a bit more stuff than can comfortably fit in the standard cargo bikes.

This is not just another cargo bike built for kids and picnic blankets, this is a bike that will carry the grill, the paddle board and the cooler as well.

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