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The e-cargo trike built for work.

Laplandar builds heavy duty electric cargo bikes for the B2B and B2C market. Our bikes feature a modular cargo area which can be reconfigured to carry out a wide range of business functions including: moving products, tools, people, waste and other equipment. Our customers are companies that can use a cargo bike instead of a car, a van or a forklift to deliver or move their goods.

Core Features

  • Cargo

    The cargo hold is available in different configurations for various cargo solutions whether a simple flatbed or an enclosed and lockable box. The Laplandar can fit a euro pallet, has a capacity of up to 200kg, and is designed for superior mobility with or without a full load.

  • Safety

    Powerful hydraulic disc brakes on all wheels. Automotive industry rear wheels. Puncture-proof tires on all wheels. Impact-resistant powder coating.

  • Power

    Includes the Bafang front motor with exceptional power for heavy loads. Best-in-class 43V/750wh battery for long distance cargo hauling. Batteries are swappable in seconds to allow for around-the-clock use. 

  • Agile

    3-wheel design offers stability and agility with a full cargo load. Legal width for EU bike lanes. Remains nimble in city streets, warehouses, airports, and rough roads.

  • Sustainable

    The Laplandar offers a low-to-no carbon solution for businesses seeking to reduce their carbon, pollution, and noise contributions. 

  • EU-Built

    Laplandar is a Danish company, developed in the world's top bicycle city. We manufacture in the EU, meaning superior quality standards, shorter production  times , faster delivery, and easier customization.