Reservation of Husky-E Electric Cargo Bike

Sale price7.500,00 kr

Perfected through 2 years of development, the Husky-E is the optimal solution for businesses or individuals interested in an electric cargo bike rather than a car or a van to deliver or move their goods. Built to take a beating the Husky-E is the cargo bike version of an off road vehicle and it's manufactured in Europe. 

The frame is manufactured through bending and welding of high quality steel using automotive industry facilities and standards. The shatter-proof powder coating protects the metal and ensures longevity. Built to fit a standard euro pallet and with specially created cargo boxes and flatbed plates the Husky-E is capable of carrying anything up to 250 kg and can be easily loaded by forklift due to the specially designed slits accommodating the prongs of the lift. 

The Husky-E is a tool and it's a pleasure to use it. 

If you have been in touch with the team you can pay the reservation fee below to secure your order time. 


- Reservation fee 1000€
- Husky-E: Standard total 9400€

Box: None
Floor: None