The Team

Jochum Kirsebom

Jochum Kirsebom is the founder of the company. With over 20 years in the cycling industry, he has a deep understanding of what is needed when constructing and building bicycles of the highest possible quality. He has been developing the idea for Laplander since 2010 and has been buying dismantling and examining cargo bikes from all over the world. Finally, he has arrived at a model that he is satisfied with, cooperating with highly skilled bicycle mechanics and engineers. Laplander is the result of his experience within the cycling industry and his work with last mile shipping. The Laplandar is the result of Jochum's vision for a cargo bike that lasts.



Glenn Pedersen is Laplandar's COO. Glenn brings 20 years of sales and managerial experience from the B2B business landscape delivering results within the bicycle industry with Reelight, and outside with IBM and ManpowerGroup. Glenn lives in Denmark's most hilly city, Vejle, a perfect testing site for the Laplandar's endurance.