The Husky-E is the optimal solution for businesses or individuals interested in an electric cargo bike rather than a car or a van to deliver or move their goods.

The cargo bike version of an off road vehicle and it's manufactured in Europe through bending and welding of high quality steel using automotive industry facilities and standards. Built to fit a standard euro pallet and with specially created cargo boxes and flatbed plates the Husky-E is capable of carrying anything up to 250 kg and can be easily loaded by forklift without risk of damage to the bike.

The Husky-E is a tool and it's a pleasure to use it. 

Easy battery change and self regulating power management

When necessary the batteries are easily swapped so the bike can be operated all day, the integrated power management system optimises battery usage

Forklift optimized cargo bay and boxes

Purpose built chutes in the chassis for forklift prongs and reinforced cargo boxes

Swivel joint for stability

The patent pending swivel joint enables the cargo bay and the front of the Husky-E to tilt independently improving stability in fast corners and driver comfort on uneven surfaces

 Electric assistance The powerful electric motor enables users to transport up to 250 kg with ease.
Walk assist Walking the Husky-E the final meter over the curb to the front door? the walk button ensures motor assistance making handling the beast feel like pushing a stroller.
Modular cargo box The Laplandar cargo boxes come in different shapes and sizes and can be manufactured to customer specifications. With high-grade caster wheels, carrying handles and reinforced for forklift use the box can be moved easily around the warehouse.
Range With space for up to 3 battery packs and a self regulating power output the Husky-E has a max-range of 60 km. 
Ignition The ignition of the Husky-E requires a specially crafted key and allows selection of independent batteries. The remaining power in each battery is displayed by the ignition.
Turn signal  Integrated and sturdy LED lights for visibility and switch operated turn signals maximize road safety for the operator and increases visibility in low light conditions.
Mechanical handbrake The mechanical handbrake ensures safe parking even on an incline with a heavy cargo, mounted directly behind the operator for easy access.
Adjustable riding position Both the saddle height and the handlebars are adjustable to guarantee comfort for operators of any size.