Electric assistance The powerful electric motor enables users to transport up to 150 kg with ease at speeds of up to 20kmph
Ready for customization With predrilled mounting holes in the chassis the Expedition is perfect for any kind of project or solution minded business owner. 
Euro pallet cargo space The cargo space on the base model Expedition fits perfectly the dimensions of a standard europallet which can be easily fixed to the chassis through the mounting holes to act as the base of any build
Range Up to 30km per battery 
Display panel The intuitive display panel provides real time information, including battery level, speed, distance travelled and more.
Lights Integrated front and taillights provide driving light and safety during low visibility.
Locked battery The battery pack is fastened to the chassis by a key operated lock mechanism. 
Various cargo boxes The cargo box models come in a variety of sizes and materials, built in Europe and built to last. 
Adjustable riding position Both the saddle height and the handlebars are adjustable to guarantee comfort for operators of any size.