The Origin

In his youth the founder of Laplandar Jochum Kirsebom spent 2 years serving in the norwegian military stationed in the center of Lapland. The experience of the harsh yet beautiful nature reminded him of the polar explorers and adventurers he had admired since he was a kid. The resilience of the people who travelled the northern hemisphere with nothing but skis, sleds and dogs inspired him as he too traversed those landscapes. Years later in Copenhagen, that inspiration resurfaced in Jochum. Having worked in the cycling industry for more than 15 years he realised that the principles of travel employed by explorers in the north in centuries past could be translated to his new passion. The manifestation of this is a manoeuvrable and practical cargo bike capable of handling heavy loads, manoeuvrable and sturdy the bike is the modern dog sled. Although the dogs have been replaced with high powered batteries, we still name the bikes after the time and landscape that inspired them.

Heavy posterior

Unlike conventional cargo bikes, Laplandar bikes rely on lessons learnt by polar explorers and indigenous reindeer herders, who know that when travelling at speed with heavy cargo attempting to turn from the back will only lead to a flipped over transport. Keeping the cargo bay behind ensures stability and visibility.

The team

Jochum Kirsebom

Company founder

With over 20 years in the cycling industry Jochum has been involved with founding and growing multiple cycling related companies including Reelight and Copenhagen bags. A firm belief in the future of cargo bikes led him to found Laplandar.

Glenn Pedersen

Laplandar COO

Glenn has 20 years of sales and managerial experience from the B2B business landscape delivering results within the bicycle industry with Reelight, and outside with IBM and ManpowerGroup.

Adis Dzafic

Development engineer

Adis has an engineering background and 6 years of experience in the cargo bike industry from 2 prior roles designing and developing cargo bikes as a development engineer and R&D manager.

Sirius Kirsebom

Service & Customer relations

Having worked full time since he finished school, first in the retail business and since at Laplandar Sirius has a knack for jumping to any task left unsolved, with an attention to detail that eludes most people.

Harald Kirsebom

Solution provider

Harald started with Laplandar part-time writing copy and filming product videos. Working full-time after finishing his Econ degree in Scotland, Harald is responsible for ensuring that anyone who wants a Laplandar bike can have one.

R&D Team

Per - Software engineer

Development protocol optimisation and general man of wisdom


Mechanics pre-assembly testing and man of reliability

Brian - Mechanical engineer

Sourcing control & quality assurance for all parts produced by third parties

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